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Saturday, October 23, 2010

How Trisha, Samantha, Namitha, Arya and Simbhu are going to celebrate Deepavali?

Let’s see what these actors and actresses say that how they are going to celebrate Deepavali.

Trisha said,” There is news that I am angry with Gowtham Menon. Simbhu had invited me for the audio launch of Vaanam in London. You know who the other guest is. It was Gowtham. So far I have not been in my house to celebrate Deepavali. I will be in the shooting. This year I will be with Ajith in Mumbai for the shooting of Mankatha. Deepavali was there for me during school days. In the similar way, I will not purchase dresses exclusively for Deepavali. Whenever I go abroad I will purchase it totally.”

Samantha is the hot cake of Tollywood. She is struggling to give call sheet for Tamil films. She is so busy in Telugu. At present she is concentrating only in the Tamil film Avan Ivan directed by Bala. Samantha while speaking about Deepavali said,’ This year is my real Deepavali. I am continuously acting in Telugu films. I don’t know whether I will have the time to make Deepavali purchases. Because of this I have asked my family people to purchase dresses for me for Deepavali. Utilizing my market in Telugu film industry I will definitely give hits in Tamil also.”

Namitha who was murmuring that she was getting only glamour roles has now got a challenging role as per her expectations. She has got such an offer in the Kalaignar’s Ilaignyan. She is donning the vamp role as well as the lover of the villain Suman who is the donning the role called Rajanayagam. It seems Namitha has excelled in the mannerisms in this vamp role. Namitha who is happy over this said,” They told me that Kalaignar has selected me for this role. I am really proud about this. This is my Deepavali’s gift. This is the most unforgettable Deepavali in my life.”

After a film becomes a hit, there are some heroes who mumble that they were supposed to act in that film and the next day when they get the same kind of stories, they refuse it. But Arya is not like that. He beautifully catches these kind of stories and excel in it. Arya replaced Simbhu in Vettai and now he is doing the lead role in the film Mugamudi directed by Mysskin which was supposed to be done by Surya. Arya smilingly said, “Thamanna is pairing with me in Vettai. Some leading heroine will pair with me in Mugamudi. After acting in a film like Boss I should not fail. So this is the resolution I have made for this Deepavali.”

Simbhu was jokingly saying to his friends,” I was staying in a hotel due to renovation of my house. But they spread rumors that there was a fight with my family members.” This Deepavali is a real celebration for Simbhu because the film Vaanam in which he paired with his favourite Anushka has been completed as planned. This has given him real peace of mind. Reason is Simbhu was busy in the shooting of Poda Podi while Anushka was damn busy than him. The director was in real chaos in making them both stand in the same place. Somehow Simbhu has finished this sequence and is now busy in Deepavali purchases. Simbhu has habit of purchasing costume whenever he goes abroad but for this Deepavali all his purchases are in London. Simbhu has returned from London after purchasing dresses for his brother and sister.

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