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Monday, November 8, 2010

An interview with Boys Siddarth

You are the only hero who has so many rumors. Why?
I am a romantic hero. If there are no rumors about me it is a waste being a romantic hero. My mother also will be worried whenever there is a rumor. So I have not shared about my personal life with anyone. At the same time I am also not interested in others personal life.
But there is news that you are close to Shruthi Hassan?
I am pairing with Shruthi in the Telugu film produced by Walt Disney. The shooting of this big film is going on for last 1 ½ years. If the shooting of this film had been completed in 3 months the rumors also would have faded away in 3 months. The film will be released in January. Until then the rumor will have life.
Which actor do you like among all the young heroes in Tamil?
Arya. He is good in selecting films. He made everyone laugh by acting as Bhaskaran. He also acted in Madharasapattinam sensibly. His acting as Agori in Naan Kadavul was superb. His carrier is best now. On the whole Arya is superb.
Who is your favourite young director?
I like Sasi Kumar.Subramanyapuram is the best cinema. This film’s DVD has worn out. Now I am having the third DVD of this film. I also like Katradhu Tamil Ram. Recently I saw Kazhavani. The real village will be like that. Sargunam is a sincere worker.

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