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Friday, June 10, 2011

Does the AIADMK Government satisfy the needs of Kollywood?

Now that there is a change of guard in the Secretariat after the elections, Kollywood is waiting with skepticism the repercussions the regime’s rule would have in Kollywood. Contrary to the claims made by those close to the ruling party and its allies, it appears that things are yet to take proper shape in many spheres in the entertainment industry.

Unconfirmed reports say that a new production house would be launched by the regional channel JAYA TV which is run by the AIADMK supremo. The company would seek to produce at least five films every year starring big, small and medium budget stars and technicians. As stated earlier, this piece of news is yet to be confirmed.
It is also stated that Amma has instructed that the wage dispute of workers belonging to FEFSI should be amicably solved by FEFSI itself and that it shouldn’t be seeking Govt. support. The office-bearers of FEFSI have been asked to ensure that there should be no ‘strike from work’ till the matte is peacefully resolved. The workers, though, are said to be full of ‘resentment’ that their present wages are hardly on par with today’s rising living costs.
The chief minister is also said to have ‘verbally’ instructed that Jaya TV shouldn’t go all out to secure satellite broadcasting rights of new films; only when the willing producer or director approaches it, the channel should think of purchasing a particular film. Without an iota of doubt, this particular diktat sure deserves appreciation of the highest order as it reflects a clear impartial attitude. Jaya TV might also launch FM radio channels soon, it is said.
As such, the film industry appears to need more time in passing any sort of judgment!

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