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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An interview with Avan Ivan heroine Madhu Shalini

Madhu Shalini is one of the heroines of Avan Ivan directed by Bala. A question and answer session with her:

How was your experience working with Bala?
I had always a dream to act in Bala’s film. Now this has been fulfilled. I was able to learn a lot of things about acting . The reason is Bala sir. This film is a mile stone for me. Apart from this I cannot speak anything about this film. You tell me after seeing Avan Ivan.

There is an opinion that Bala will scold the actor at the shooting spots. How about you?
Bala sir likes perfection. He wants everything right. There is nothing wrong in this. He appreciated me by saying, " Your eyes are powerful and it speaks while you act." This itself is enough for me.

How is Avan Ivan ( Arya and Vishal)? Where you able to cope up with them?
Both of them are jolly good heroes. I can never forget the days I had acted with them. Both of them become very good friends of mine. Both of them will always pull my legs. Arya has lots of sense of humor. He use to crack lots of jokes and make us happy. Vishal is a cool person.

Are you jealous about any actresses?
I like to appreciate the talents of others. I will not be jealous. I am jealous about Jyothika because she has married Surya.

You are a frank spoke person. Tell us that who is the sexiest men according to you?
John Abraham in Bollywood and here it is Surya and Vishal.

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