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Friday, June 10, 2011

Adharva speaks about Muzpozhuthum Un Karpanaigal

The chemistry between Adharva and Amala Paul has worked out so well. It seems that they were like sugar and ant during the photo shoot of Muzpozhuthum Un Karpanaigal.

Adharva while speaking said, "Love will pour if you see the film. Amala Paul is like a beautiful poem and she will overtake the title itself. We both are donning the role of IT professionals. Amala is the girl from US. The place where the story happens is also new.

On the first day of the photo shoot, Amala Paul never spoke to me. After that she started moving with me slowly. Now we both speak everyday. She has become so friendly. Many are asking me that my father Murali had ‘lover’ image and what kind of image I need. Nobody can have my father’s image. That is luck. I will be happy if I get that image.

With regard to what I have learnt from my father and actor Murali, I should say that he will not force me to do anything. He brought me up by saying, "Do what you feel is right." He uses to advice me that to dedicate myself fully on anything I do. After the release of the film Muzpozhuthum Un Karpanaigal, you will see Murali’s son as a good actor. He use to tell me that I should not have his shade. I will not let him down."

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