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Friday, June 10, 2011

Kavya Madhavan is overjoyed

Kavya Madhavan is in double happiness now. She was selected for the Kerala State best actress award. At the same time her divorce case in the Cochin Family Court which was dragging for a long time has finally come to an end. Her divorce has been granted.

Kavya Madhavan had acted in few Tamil films including En Manavanil, Sadhu Mirindal and Kasi. When she was in top of career, she got married in the year 2009 and quit acting. Difference of opinions rose between her husband and her. She was back in Cochin and started modeling, opening showrooms and started acting. She acted in the hit films like Christian Brothers, Pappi Appacha China Town.

She had also canvassed for the minister and actor Krishna Kumar in the last elections. Now she has been selected for the Kerala State Award for best actress for acting in the film Gadhama. When asked her that how she felt about getting this award for the second time, she said, "I am getting this State Award for the second time. I am very happy. The women who go to work in Gulf countries are called Gadhama.

The story of the film is about Aswathi who goes to Gulf from Palghat with lots of colorful dreams. How she is affected mentally and physically there and how she is being retrieved from there is the rest of the story. I have donned the role of Aswathi. Famous Malayalam director Kamal has directed this film. Many of the people here think that people working in Gulf countries are living luxurious life.

Only if you see that place, you will know how our people are suffering there in the deserts. With regard to my divorce, I don’t have the idea of getting married immediately. Now cinema is everything for me. I will be acting in selective stories. "

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